Do you have an Unwanted Property in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area?

Our company can help you move forward. Our company buys vacant or rundown properties. Our Company will make a fair offer on the property that will allow you to walk away carefree. We will close a deal on the property at your speed.

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Advantages of Doing Business With Us.

1.) You can leave the Property As-Is.

Remove all of the Contents that you want. We can dispose of all undesired items.

2.) You won't have any Obligations.

You will not have any obligations or be charged a fee for receiving an offer from our company. Simply, contact our company to talk about the property and your circumstances. We will do fast research on the property. After our research, we will furnish you with our offer and answer all questions that you may have.

3.) You won't have to pay Realtor or Agent Commissions.

We want to buy the property, and not spend time trying to sell it. You can save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by not paying Realtor or Agent commissions and closing costs demanded by a Buyer.

4.) You don't need to make any Repairs.

We want to buy the property as-is. You will not have to make any repairs to the property in order for our company to buy it.

5.) We will provide a Fast Offer.

We will provide you an offer in no more than 30 Minutes during our initial telephone conversation or in- person appointment during these difficult times. We want you to be SAFE and COMFORTABLE. We can discuss our offer in complete detail without any obligations to you.

Our Process

Step 1.) Phone Conversation

One of our team members will gather essential information that is needed to give a fair offer during your appointment. We schedule an appointment to view the property.

Step 2.) Appointment at the Property. We Make an Fair Offer. Sign Purchase Agreement if Possible.

Our acquisitions manager will walk through the property and examine it's condition. Our acquisitions manager will review with you what they found and make an offer.

Step 3.) Title Search and Opening Escrow. Close in Under 24 Days. Get Paid!!!

We will submit the signed the purchase agreement to our title company. We schedule a closing within the next 24 days.

We Close and You Get Paid. (Results May Vary, Not Guaranteed)

Located in Prince George's County, MD

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Call Us Today!!!

(301) 358-1495